Challenging The Insurance Industry, For Your Benefit !

At One Public Adjusters, we set ourselves apart from your standard public insurance adjuster firm. We are not a ‘settlement mill’, a term used for firms that process a high volume of cases with a predisposition to settle at a fraction of what’s truly owed.

We don’t just take the easy road or the quick payout. We take your claim, scrutinize it, and challenge the insurance company to give you the fair settlement that you’re entitled to. We fight tooth and nail to achieve this. Insurance companies are well aware of our reputation for not settling for less, distinguishing us from firms that readily accept minimal settlement offers without putting up a fight.


Eric Gruber, Our Founder !

Has successfully represented thousands of policyholders across New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. The majority of our clients are referred to us by those we’ve helped in the past, by attorneys, and even by other public adjusters. While our offices are located in Westchester and Dutchess Counties, we are ready to visit you at your convenience, wherever you are.

Throughout his career, Mr. Gruber has brought together a team of highly skilled insurance experts who are passionate about defending policyholders’ rights against insurance companies. At One Public Adjusters, we are committed to securing the highest possible settlement for you. We carefully choose the cases we handle, focusing on those where we believe our expertise can be most beneficial. If we believe a case isn’t winnable, we communicate this honestly and directly to avoid wasting your time and resources.





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Clients Approach Us With Claims

Occasionally, clients approach us with claims that, while valid, are minor in nature. In such cases, we advise the client to negotiate directly with the insurance company and retain the entire settlement amount, as our services would not significantly improve their net recovery. In such scenarios, we provide clients with our exclusive guide on how to handle insurance claims independently, which includes contacts of reputable vendors who can assist with..

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Our approach is guided by a simple principle

Secure a fair settlement at the earliest possible opportunity. The insurance companies we face know that we are prepared to demand an “Appraisal” or engage legal counsel if they fail to treat our clients fairly. Our persistence leads to swift settlements, ensuring you get your rightful payout without unnecessary delays.


We Are Most Experience & Offer Best Services.

For clients who prefer an alternative payment structure, we offer consultation on an hourly basis. We’ll be transparent about our fees and provide a detailed cost estimate before we start working on your case. All agreements will be formalized in a written contract to avoid any unforeseen surprises down the line.

Once we establish a professional relationship, we’ll work together to devise the most effective strategies to secure the highest possible recovery on your claim.


Book Appointment To Get Quick Solution !

Rest assured, if we agree to take on your case, it will receive our undivided attention. We, along with select team members, will represent you aggressively, update you regularly about your case, and provide honest advice on whether to settle or invoke your policy’s “appraisal clause,” which serves as insurance arbitration. We offer representation on a contingency basis, meaning you only pay us a portion of your total recovery. If there’s no recovery, you owe us nothing.


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